An interview with Hande Ocak Basev – Principal of WSI London

What was the trigger for you to start your own business or work for your company?(personal story trigger)

After my consulting career in Arthur Andersen and Accenture, in 2005, I founded Quattro Business Consulting, providing strategic and operational management consultancy services with its offices in Istanbul, Dubai, London and Moscow. I  am also co-founder of ThinkNeuro, the first neuromarketing research company in Turkey, and have pioneered the first practices in management consulting with neuroscience methods. In 2019, I have also started Buddy Performance, Culture & Performance Oriented Feedback Solution Company. I am Independent Board Member of Mutlu Aku, and Board Member in Networkdry, Yeryuzu, Better Judiciary Association and Women on Board Association of Turkey. 

My main influencers to start my own business 13 years ago were my customers.

They have convinced me to do my own business since they believed I have a different way of doing business. Since they were more experienced than me, I trusted them and thanks to them I am here. In 2019 we moved to London. At that stage, I had experienced being an entrepreneur and its obstacles and as well as working in a global consulting company before my career as an entrepreneur. This experience enabled me to distinguish the pros and cons of being a part of a global network.

WSI’s established brand and methodology, training and support programs, experienced production centers, partnerships with all major global vendors, and main strategy as ‘Invest in Client’s Success’ which was our strategy for 13 years in my previous company are the main reasons for me to decide to become a member of WSI family.

Going forward I met with extremely valuable and genuine members of the family and I am proud to work with and for them.

What is your burning desire?

Physically; I don’t see much difference than today except some hidden wrinkles and white hair. Business wise in 5 years I want to strengthen my trusted digital marketing advisor profile. I also want to restart my daily gym routine, spend more time with my friends, travel more and meet with new people and help them. And in 10 years as David Brooks mentioned in his latest book Second Mountain,  I would like to build my second mountain, focus more on others’ needs and create solutions to help people, blending all the experience I have.

Tell us something no one knows about you ( books, awards. hobbies)

I guess I am very transparent and it is not easy to find things no one knows about me, but apart from the career story below, I am a very proud mother of my twins and I am keen on acting. I hope we can do something on stage with them going forward.

Hande is a multi-award-winning entrepreneur, Principal of WSI London, global largest digital marketing agency, founder of Quattro Business Consulting, co-founder of Think Neuro and Buddy. She has studied Industrial Engineering, has worked with 200 clients from different parts of the world and she has 20 years of consulting experience.


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