An Interview With Javed Laher – CEO and Founder of Food Tech App Chef 33

I’ve named my app Chef 33. The number 333 is actually something that’s always been significant to me which encompasses wellness of Mind Body and Spirit (with the C in Chef representing 3 too). As it’s a Food Tech platform for home or remote Chefs, I wanted the word Chef in there so made it the ideal choice for my first business.

The trigger to start my own company was that I wanted to broaden my horizons beyond doing just one role in a corporate company. I wanted to create something which will benefit more people in the world using my knowledge and foresight of the economy. My MBA was exciting and the freedom to run with an idea which I think would work was crucial for me to grow and develop. I’m grateful for my tenure at the worlds largest brands, Microsoft, Amazon and IBM, though I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart, constantly looking at new ways of doing things which I like to go ahead and create. In the space of 12 months, I’ve been accepted onto a Google start-up programme, a Natwest Pre-accelerator, I’ve had investment from the European Regional Development Fund and now HMRC approved for investors to be able to invest in my business idea with confidence. It’s been the best decision for me and I recommend others who are as aspirational to fulfil their dreams and make a difference in the world.

In ten years time, I see myself running a successful company employing over 250 people. It will be a multi-million pound app focussed company and a household brand. I want to use part of my proceeds to help schooling programmes to help the youth of London where I grew up to have more aspirations and provide sporting facilities as well as professional coaching. I will also expect to have launched my Mental health app in partnership with my university cohort which is for the benefit of employees going through stressful experiences and unfair treatment at work.

My goal for personal development is to have read more books, travelled more, and see my daughters grow up happy. I like to live a simple yet fulfilled life and wish to spend as much time as possible in nature. 

My mission is to be the biggest Food Tech app for home chefs in the UK and English speaking markets. My vision is also to be the largest app in the gig economy, giving millions of people the opportunity to earn a living selling their food from home.

My burning desire is to create more unity in the world through food and to give more people an opportunity to earn a living. I’m confident by having such an app, it will be great for community cohesion across cultures, and will help those who are amazing cooks to really make their food and generate an income with very little start up costs.

In terms of something people may not know about me, the last Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer recognised my work with my clients which led to an award being won in front of the entire UK sales team. I then went onto win other awards at Microsoft for my work with my clients in the Digital advertising space, after committing so much of my time to the company. I have been invited to dinner at Buckingham Palace by the British Asian Trust, for dinner with HRH Prince Charles. I support their fantastic charity work in the South Asia region where they have impacted over 4M lives

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Javed is the founder of Herts Technology, a company creating a disruptive Food tech app to serve the gig economy. Javed’s background is in Digital Marketing and has worked for global companies including Microsoft, Amazon, and IBM. Javed’s business is part of Google for Start-Ups. Based on his recent MBA, Javed specialises in the impact that new technology and artificial intelligence will have on UK Jobs and the Skills Gap where he has predicted significant changes in employment trends with reductions across the board. He is a mentor, motivator and Keynote Speaker in Tech.


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