An interview with Michell Watson – Entrepreneur and best-selling author

Starting out in business can be an exciting but yet fearful at the same time for many, you are excited about the possibilities but at also time fearful as to what results your many decisions will bring. One of the many decisions I needed to make was – what name was I going to give to my business, what could really connect or be congruent with my message? After much deliberating, sound checking and thought, I Came up with the name Breakfree Forever Consultancy Ltd, and I guess you may be wondering why….

My journey into business life to me at the time I believed to be accidental but now I know that it was meant to be. I did not sit down and have a big plan mapped out or had a family background of business, like others do, but sometimes our journey leads us to destinations that we did not anticipate. I was born in the UK but had a colourful life growing up in the Caribbean of Jamaica with my maternal grandparents from the age of three I returned to the UK at the age of 19 and went straight into the hands of who I call Jekyll and Hyde, being in a violent marriage that nearly led me to the path of death. I lost all my confidence and Identity and became shackled by shame, fear, hatred, depression and many other shackles that not only held me back, but somehow began to rob me of the future I had always desired. I was able to get help and recovered my life with the help of my church, family and the personal development world, it was time for me to BREAKFREE and vowed I would never allow those shackles to hold me captive again. 

I then wanted to be a voice and help to others that journeyed on similar roads, I did not just want them to breakfree from whatever was holding them back, but to BREAKFREE FOREVER!

I believe that they are so man in life that desire to turn their lives around and do a massive 360, but here’s the thing with a 360 you return to your starting point. My aim is to help as many that come into contact with me not to get a temporary fix but a life transformation. I shared before that I was nearly led to a path of death but what I had not shared with you is that I actually attempted suicide, going through the physical & verbal abusive marriage, being diagnosed with a tumor, parenting a son with special needs and entering depression set me on the path of suicidal tendencies and one day I was nearly successful.

Have you ever had a time in your life when you wished that your life was actually a physical book where you could go back and rip out the pages of the things in the past you did not like or wasn’t happy about, maybe that ex or that costly mistake that you made? Unfortunately, that’s not possible but I realised at that moment that I may not be able to rip out the pages but that I could make a difference to my future and so with the right help I began to step into my power.

You would have seen me on a spiritual journey whilst also working on myself through personal development and reading books which was always a massive part of my life growing up and so I started reading self-development books like Dale Carnegie, “How to win friends and Influence People,” Robin Sharma, “The Saint, The Surfer and The CEO,” Joyce Meyer, “Battlefield Of The Mind,” I started to attend seminars, learnt NLP (Neuro Linquistic Programming) and became a certified personal development coach. There came a point when I thought about the fact of how reading books impacted my life and figured that if I wrote a book to share my story then I as well could make an impact in the life of someone else. Now, there were some people on the way, you know those people, the Naysayers, “So what qualifies you to write a book?” “Will anybody buy your book when they don’t even know you?” “You went through depression and attempted suicide; how can you be qualified to write a book in order to help others – are you for real?” “So, you are JK Rowling now huh. Nevertheless, I went ahead and wrote my book and people were coming up to me slowly but surely and saying, how my story had inspired and motivated them. I was now inspiring others with my story but there was no money coming in and the business that I had in mind seemed terribly far away.

The book even though becoming a bestseller wasn’t doing anything, I had started my business as a Certified Life Coach but that was not moving.

I was going from one mentorship programme to the next, attending the seminars getting psyched up, returning home and back to square one as I had no idea what to do. It became frustrating as I kept meeting other authors like myself that had a book but then that was it, the author status wasn’t doing anything for us. This sent bells ringing in my ear and at that moment I wrote down all the challenges I was currently facing and decided to see how I could solve it. I figured if I could turn my pain into a profit, I would be able to not only help others to share their story but for them to use it as a way of transforming their life and finances. I then set myself a challenge to write & publish my  second book Rise Above & Believe in 90 days, My plan being to put my theory to the test and use it as a business tool to see how I could use it to drum up business. I sent a copy to Her Majesty the queen and got a letter of Commendation, I began to do Media releases and started to get TV & Radio interviews, I was getting asked to speak at more and more events and then I created my own events. I was now packaging what worked and developing a business with multiple streams of income. I created a programme to help business owners & entrepreneurs write their business book to use it as a marketing tool as I successfully did it for myself as well as Business creation as I was now helping individuals that had ideas but didn’t know how to turn it into a monetised business. I have won numerous awards, ACE mentor of the year, multiple speaker awards, Performance Coach of the year, empowerment woman of the year, just to name a few. I have mentored and helped people ranging from business owners to professional boxers & singers and published numerous authors who have also become bestsellers and award winners, including my seven-year-old daughter Alisha.

I now look back at the journey and seen how far I have come – going from that woman that attempted suicide, being in massive financial debt and not knowing who I truly was; to now being a successful entrepreneur, running a 6-figure business know that I couldn’t have done it without having the determination to create the life that I desired. I look on and picture myself ten years from now running a global business having helped to transform millions of lives and businesses. My desire is to be a one drop that is creating a ripple effect all over the world. I learnt some important lessons on my journey.  Firstly, that success does not define you but you define success, secondly, that you cannot go back and rip out the pages of yesterday but you have the ability to decide what will be written in the next chapter of your book called life. Finally, you don’t have to be great to start but you do need to take a step, in order to achieve your greatness.

Michelle Watson is a multi-award-winning speaker, coach and a bestselling author, having sold over 4000 copies of her first book Overcome & Rise Above. She is the CEO of Breakfree Forever Consultancy LTD a company that helps entrepreneurs and business Start-ups become an authority in their field through business coaching, speaker training and via the journey of becoming a successful published author. She has a degree in business management and spoken on numerous events such as Women Economic Forum, National Achievers Congress UK and she’s featured on Sky TV and Harvard Business Magazine.


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