An interview with Michelle Fanus – Founder Dynamyk Events

How did you start with events and why?

I came into the events industry when I was 31 years old – nearly 20 years ago. I was led to it by the desire to create a more meaningful life – I sat down 2 years earlier and did a complete audit of my life, a soul search to figure out what I wanted to do with my life, where I wanted to be when I grew up! I started journaling and wrote down the biggest dreams and burning desires that I wanted in every aspect of my life – what kind of relationships I wanted, health and wellness goals and finally career aspirations.

I wanted to apply my natural skills and talents to a profession that was exciting, intellectually stimulating, kept me on my toes, involved travel to exciting places and working with smart, interesting people.

Events came into my life and I have never looked back! 20 years later it has been the most exciting, thrilling journey – I have met Ministers in Government in the UK, US, Europe, Africa and Asia and worked with Celebrities and pioneers in their respective fields of work. I have had the pleasure of designing and delivering events from China to America and in between and worked with some top class brands and event organisers e.g. UBM, EMAP, SAP, Nursing Times and The Economist to deliver £1m+ events attracting 50 to 50,000 attendees in some amazing venues. The best is still yet to come.




What was the trigger for you to start your own business or work for UBM company? (Personal story trigger)

Raised by my Caribbean grandmother instilled a lot of self-discipline and independence into my character so as a result I am very driven and ambitious.

Although I had built up an exciting and successful 10 year career as an events professional, I always knew at the back of my mind that the greatest success came from setting up and running your own business. It became my dream to start my own business by the time I was 40 years old.

That time came when I was indeed 39 years old. I found myself in a job I did not enjoy, in a terrible company and worst of all I had the most awful experience of being bullied by my boss.  I decided that now was the time to go it alone and work for myself. 

At the time, my intention was to freelance as a one man band, however the first few years went so well, resulting in my winning an overseas contract and taking on 3 new members of staff that I decided to set up my company – Dynamyk Events. 11 years on I am an Event Project Team Leader for my clients’ events – either creating teams of professionals from my own network or leading the clients’ internal event team. I have published my own book ‘Toolkit for Successful Events Management’ which is on Amazon and am a contributing author to a 2nd publication due out this year. I also write for industry publications such as Conference News, have trained over 200 people on my events management courses and lecture at 3 different universities so I have come a long way!

How do you see yourself in 10 years’ time? Personal and business development

I’ll still be doing events! I have a real passion for economic development so 10 years’ time I see myself with an established portfolio of investor forum style events that match entrepreneurs, forward thinking business people and philanthropists with projects in developing countries e.g. in Africa – building roads, bridges and infrastructure; water and energy projects; skills, training and capacity building initiatives. I will use the power of events and connecting people to drive economic development. That is my passion.

On a personal front, myself and Asari (my fiancé) will own our own boutique hotel and will be running our own wellness and business transformation retreats somewhere warm and sunny!

What is your mission/ vision?

To simply delight my clients, helping them to use the powerful vehicle of events to

  • Shape the best possible experience for their attendees
  • Showcase their stakeholders and partners (sponsors etc.) in the best possible light

My vision is always to use the power of events to connect people and drive change, boost development and showcase innovation. I design all of my events with this in mind.

What is your burning desire?

Earn a 6 figure income by delighting my clients and become a NED (Non-Executive Director) on a board.

Tell us something no one knows about you (books, awards. hobbies)

I am a Yogi! I have been doing this wonderful practise for over 20 years now. I do a headstand or any inversion every morning because I feel fearless and strong and I meditate just like eating, sleeping and working – every day for clarity and peace. I would recommend this practise to everyone. It’s the best thing you can do for yourself.

Yoga and meditation practise keeps me centred and happy and it’s the most magical experience.

Michelle has 19 years event design and project delivery experience starting her career with UBM and Informa with clients such as The Economist, Nursing Times and African Farming magazines plus more. She is a member of Meetings Professional International (MPI) and lectures on Events Management at University of West London, Anglia Ruskin University and Kings College, teaching more than 200 students on private Diploma and degree courses. She has worked with global corporates, celebrities, Government ministers and key pioneers in different fields, is a published and contributing book author and has designed and delivered events all over the world.

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