Breakfast for Directors: Talk to the journalist


Wide grins, firm enthusiastic handshakes, and high aspirations.

These were just some of the things seen, during our “Talk to the Journalist” event of last week an all- exclusive breakfast, for like-minded business folk everywhere, which took place on the 12th June, in the budding epicentre of London.

Where members tucked into either a traditional hearty English breakfast or an alternative vegetarian/vegan option. While soaking up the trendy interior of Café Rouge, the atmosphere was filled with much-anticipated excitement, as well as expected conversations about business. Focussing much more specifically on business strategies, because as many as there may be. Not all are effective.

Someone who optimized that very thought was Gesmay Paynter, a member of High Profile Club and first-time attendee to the event, who sat patiently sipping her cup of tea. “I don’t know what I could expect, but I would like to meet new people that could potentially help me to grow my network”.

She didn’t know it then, but business strategies that would help her develop her network were exactly what was in store, and found at the very core of Rafael’s presentation. A presentation that also consisted of three strategic exercises.

The first exercise was one where everyone had to introduce themselves, using only three words. the name, the country of origin and the industry they were in. the exercise was initiated by Rafael who said: “Rafael, Brazil, PR”.

The aim of the exercise is to help entrepreneurs focus their message to the audience.
The second exercise, a question. How do you want to be introduced?
The first to give their example is Stella Maher, a confidence coach, who speaks out about body confidence and wants to help girls feel more confident in their own skin. “I am a confidence coach for young women.”

Who went on to say “There are too many girls who don’t feel confident, but not only that; they feel dissatisfied, and they want to be different.”
Stella then went on to ask if there was anyone who could introduce her to any school staff, in contact with students, for a new partnership.

Moreover, the second chance for her to be known arose.


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