Dress for Success

Keren Beaumont

“My purpose is to empower people by giving them confidence in the way they look”
After graduating, I secured my first job as Buyer’s Assistant in a department store. Through hard graft and dedication, I climbed the ranks to become Director of Buying at Ralph Lauren by the time I was 30. A few years later, I realised I wanted to give something to others and needed a job that allowed me to do that. It was then that I launched my Personal Styling Business.

I work mostly with people who are at a crossroads in their lives. Perhaps they are returning to work after having a baby, their body shape or weight has changed or perhaps they feel that their existing wardrobe is just no longer appropriate to their lifestyle. They feel lost in terms of their personal style. When someone does not feel confident in the way they look, it can damage their self esteem and hold them back from being the best version of themselves. It is confusing and frustrating to get dressed in the morning. First impressions are critical to one’s success and appearances have a big impact on this. If a person’s style doesn’t convey the right message about who they are, it can be hard to recover from this.


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Keren Beaumont

Personal Styling



                                        Photo: Rosalind Hobley

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