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Amazon Smile and Fraternity Without Borders UK

Not enough shoppers know about AmazonSmile – it’s a scheme that makes donations to your favourite charity at no extra cost to you.

People from all over the world are increasingly making a difference by becoming volunteers and supporting charities in different areas of work.

Because of the Coronavirus crisis, we at Fraternity Without Borders are facing many challenges to keep our projects going. We are trying our best to adapt and carry on our work. Therefore, as a collaborator, you may want to help us through your online shopping. To do this, please use the link below on your purchases:

Unfortunately, the iPhone Amazon App is not supported yet. Please access Smile.Amazon on your Safari browser for your purchases. Please follow the steps and choose Fraternity Without Borders UK, and then make your purchases as normal at no extra cost.

This scheme benefits registered charities and donates 0.5% of the profit made by Smile.Amazon from your purchases to Fraternity Without Borders UK.

For this donation to be made, you must always use Smile.Amazon:

With this small action, you can help change the lives of very vulnerable children.

Get to know Fraternity Without Borders UK

Mr. Gilson Guimarães is a member of the High-Profile Club, an advisor, and a project coordinator in London. He told us that the work is being done at a slow pace due to a lack of volunteers and resources, but it has nonetheless been producing excellent results. “Watching videos or seeing photos of children before and after the project reinforces our commitment to the cause. We know that much more still needs to be done” we said. In July 2017, a movement that had been going on for about two years, holding occasional fundraising events to help those in need in Africa, officially became a non-governmental organisation. Fraternity Without Borders UK was established inspired by Fraternity Without Borders, an international humanitarian organisation founded in 2009 in Brazil.

Today, Fraternity Without Borders, the mother project, operates in some of the poorest places on the planet with hope and a profound desire to help eradicate hunger and build a world of peace.

There are more than ten different projects developed in six countries. We have already helped about 15,000 people, built forty-five work centres, and placed 700 young people in school. We also provide 428 thousand meals per month, opened twelve artesian wells, built 144 small houses, support 162 older adults, and built one bakery facility. We have 460 direct workers and 400 visitors in organised groups per year, and many more.

Here in the United Kingdom, Fraternity Without Borders, through a small group of volunteers, holds events and also receives valuable help from professionals and entrepreneurs from different industries for fundraising. All proceeds go to the project in Mozambique.

How can you help Fraternity Without Borders and make a difference in the world?

We are fully registered in the UK and able to accept all kinds of donations. The basis of this project is a monthly donation that can be set up by direct debit.

Thanks to a sponsorship scheme, with only £15.00 per month, you can provide a full meal and after-school class to a child for thirty days.

If you want to become part of this chain of love, please contact us to find out how to set up a direct debit through a link.

Those who are dedicated to volunteer work live better!


by Katia Fernandes, Journalist and Press Office Voluntary of Fraternity Without Borders UK

Gilson Guimaraes is the coordinator of Fraternity Without Borders UK, a UK registered charity working on the ground in Mozambique, Africa. Fraternity Without Borders UK working in partnership with Fraternidade Sem Fronteiras in Brazil that since 2009 have built more than 30 community centers with donations from all over the world, assisting more than 12,000 orphaned and vulnerable children, many with HIV. Our social programs include the construction of wells in rural areas, provision of cooked food, clean water, hygiene items, and basic healthcare, construction of basic houses, after school and cultural activities as well as professional training for the youth.

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