Harnessing the Power of Meditation to Enhance the Lives of Others

Written by Katie Chan

Following a personal experience that significantly changed his life, Adam Baldwin left the corporate world to explore his deep-rooted fascination for meditation. Now a qualified Transcendental Meditation Teacher, Vedic Meditation Teacher and Reiki Master, Adam uses his knowledge to assist others in increasing focus and concentration, reducing stress and achieving inner peace in their lives.

I like to see people go from pain to a state where they are living the life they should be.

Making spiritual practices like meditation as easily accessible as possible is a key focus of Adam’s work. According to Adam, concepts of meditation and mindfulness come attached with a somewhat mystical image – but were designed thousands of years ago to improve people’s lives, and they work. He aims to break down and demystify these concepts so that people can practice anytime; whether in the office, at home, or on a flight.

We want to make the ancient, modern.

Can you share the transformational experience you had with meditation – what led up to this moment and what came next?

I had a mystical experience when I was 25 years old travelling around Greece by myself, which blew my mind. It was a feeling of total oneness with nature. I was in an area called Delfi, standing on the balcony of my room at the time. I was going through a lot of mental issues; suffering from depression, intense stress and frequent panic attacks.

As I stood on this balcony, all of a sudden my thoughts silenced. I heard absolutely everything around me in perfect detail. I heard a bird soaring above me, its wings flapping very potently. The air felt stiller. I could hear noises from the town in the distance. I remember feeling this strong wave of calmness come over me. To this day, I don’t understand how it happened. This was a moment of freedom for me, from the horrible voices I used to have in my head.

Coming back from this trip, I kept telling people about this moment and experience that I had. Nobody knew what I meant until I came across someone who told me that you can get this anytime, you just had to learn to do meditation or yoga. So from there, I went onto experience all kinds of this; Buddhist meditations, Kundalini meditations, yoga, you name it. I was fascinated– at the time, it wasn’t out there in the public domain, and wasn’t being quantified or measured. So, I went on to become qualified as a Transcendental Meditation teacher, then later a mindfulness facilitator and a Reiki Master.

Since this moment, you have founded Baldwin Wellness where you teach meditational practices and techniques to clients. What are some challenges that you have faced or still face?

One common challenge I face is scepticism. When I was teaching in London, for instance, a lot of people simply didn’t believe that it works. It was only when I met people with a broader perspective on different cultures and understanding how things work that were open to the idea of meditation. There has been an aspect of greater cynicism present because many don’t understand it, so I’d have to spend some time explaining what it is.

Then there is the current challenge of COVID-19, which has meant I have moved everything online. Although a challenge at first, it has worked in my favour – I now reach a larger market. Teaching virtually means I can teach anyone around the world. So this particular challenge has become a benefit.

What inspires you the most to keep doing what you do?

I know it works! It’s interesting when you look at the self-help industry – it’s a billion-dollar industry, and a lot of money is being put on aspects like books, courses, talks. Simultaneously, rates of stress, depression, anxiety and suicides are continually rising.

Why is this? It doesn’t make sense to me.

The disparities between health, mental health and what’s on offer at the moment is something that truly inspires me.

I am constantly thinking about ways to reach people– how I can make my message more concise and get it out there. For those who I have reached, I love seeing that change. When I see someone who’s had insomnia for five years, start sleeping through the night again. And it stays that way. I keep in contact with the people I teach, and each time I check in they say the same thing. This is what I love!

During this time where most of us across the world have experienced, or are experiencing a change in day-to-day lives – who would benefit the most from your work?

Everyone can benefit. For those experiencing feelings of isolation, loneliness, depression or anything that may be hindering your daily life – despite the physical limitation of movement right now – this would help you to manage your emotions. To deal with feelings of frustration or powerlessness, in a way that doesn’t dominate you, and be able to shift yourself into a better, more blissful state. Simply by closing our eyes, resting, and saying the right mantras at the right time you can shift your mind to a state of deep inner bliss.

We are all currently indoors. We are physically indoors, and there is no greater metaphor right now than to go in, while we are denied the chance to go out.

What is one piece of advice you would give to those who may be sceptical of meditation? 

Firstly, attend a few talks. I would also say to try an exercise – have a bit of fun with no expectations. For example,

Close your eyes. As you close your eyes, take your attention to the weight of your body. As you take your attention onto the body, your weight on your seat. When your focus is there, take your attention to your breath. Do nothing but sit and breathe. Then take your breath, down to the lower part of your stomach, to the diaphragm. Allow your stomach to go in and out fully.

Try this for two minutes. When you open your eyes, notice how you feel. Does your head feel quieter? Do you feel calmer?

If you do, there’s something to it. It’s worth exploring more. There are a multitude of studies on meditation – I believe there are around 600 peer-assessed papers on transcendental meditation and around 3,500 papers on mindfulness meditations. The likes of Ray Dalio, Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins – so many high-performance achievers meditate because they see the value it brings!

What are your plans for the future?

Professionally, Baldwin Wellness will be expanding. We will bring in different services and make them very approachable to the everyday individual. One of which is Ayurveda, which is incredible. We also want to bring in a yoga teacher, to give people a more well-rounded experience in one space.

Now, as we rush forward into the future, with all this technology, we don’t want people to lose themselves. We want for people to gain from this ancient knowledge – even things as basic as eating the right herbs, drinking the right fluids, meditation for the mind.

I think we’re in danger of becoming out of balance by using technology to constantly escape ourselves. Technology is great because it connects us; it connects you and me, and me to others around the world, but it has to be subservient to us.


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