Helping Individuals Achieve a Healthier Physical and Mental Lifestyle

Owner of AWProFitness, Angela Popa Wilson offers a variety of coaching to clients of all abilities and ages who want to change their lifestyles healthily. Skilled in performance coaching, personal training, tennis coaching and a qualified NLP Practitioner, Angela enjoys helping her clients achieve and maintain a healthier performance in physical and mental strength, where they all develop and grow together.

I have found these elements I’m using in my coaching (i.e. Sports psychology, NLP, spiritual and emotional intelligence) to facilitate and complement each other in a really nice way. Combined, they equate to a complex but complete way of coaching where clients awareness is a great way to test physical limits and develop human capacity overall. 

The early part of Angela’s life revolved around sports as she began to take an interest in tennis as a child. Inspired by her first coach who suggested looking into coaching as a profession, she quickly developed a passion for coaching. Having pursued psychology in the first stages of her career, she took what she had previously learned to compliment her coaching skills. Angela enjoys using her expertise and knowledge to work with athletes, other coaches, children and adults. She highly promotes parents to guide their children to practice sports, being the most appropriate way for one to learn about themselves, their body (anatomy and physiology) and its biomechanics, becoming educated on self-discipline and so much more.

I’m not a coach who works to make my clients dependent on me. Whether it’s training or tennis, I like people to understand the mechanics of how to train their bodies correctly. Understanding the way to train without gaining any injuries; so they’ll make the difference between pain and ache. Also, where and what may have caused the pain; and if so, realising quickly when they have trained incorrectly and then how to train correctly without injury.

Aside from personal training and coaching, you offer several services focusing on holistic therapies and wellness. What are your thoughts on mindset work and understanding the psychological aspects of sports performance?

To succeed, you need the mind, body and spirit together in a good congruence, each aspect equally important. Only then, will you fall into an alignment of connecting all three parts. You cannot neglect any of these. Especially in these times we live in, this is highly important as we are shifting so fast in different vibrational statuses of our planet and all of its inhabitants.

NLP and Ontology are excellent tools of reprogramming. Bad, ineffective mindsets and damaging beliefs act in very detrimental ways to our existence. Everything starts from each individual’s level of understanding, and his/her brain capacity to level up. NLP and Neuroscience, of which I am fascinated by, teaches us to get out of certain mindsets that have been inflicted onto us. You may have also been taught by default from your upbringing or community as they may not have known better back then.

Your body is a masterpiece of very complex and intelligent machinery. With so much information out there, I think everybody has a duty to retrain and re-educate themselves and come out of specific mindsets into the superb versions of ourselves that we were designed to be.

Nutrition is the partner to your body’s wellness. Personally, I haven’t eaten meat for quite some time now. I have found that there is a lot of mental clarity and detoxifying within my body that has helped me shift and have a better understanding of life, it’s many mechanisms and processes, as everything is connected through energy.

Clients should understand that the body can either be an amazing Ferrari sports car, or a constantly broken car – depending on how they look after it, so the driver is very important here. Listening to your body’s intuition is crucial; this will help you decipher the signals your body is communicating with you. If you know your body – you will gain so much more from its capacities. Though things such personal training, learning about your body and it’s biomechanics, you will learn that there are numerous neurological and physiological signals that the body gives you as a warning before we get ill, for example.

Due to the nature of your work, you work with a lot of different clients. What are some challenges you have faced?

I think for clients, the socializing part is one of the main impediments, as it is typically associated with alcohol, unhealthy foods, staying out late and not feeling great next day. We live in such a fast-paced society, and a lot of clients just want a quick fix – there is just no such thing! Only a healthy process of changing will lead to becoming a better, healthier you. 

If you have struggled with a chronic illness or overweight issue for a long time, you also can’t ask me for a ‘quick fix’. Aside from reconstructive surgery, I would say that plastic surgery is not serving people in terms of wanting to look a certain way, particularly women. As a woman, you want to be able to build your body to be its best, from the natural structure, body and culture that you have. You want to work with the body you have to bring the best out of your shape, organically and naturally.

Can you tell us about your book Unbreakable Spirit, and what you wrote about?

The book was a beautiful journey for me. It was created by a private publishing company in Canada, as part of a series. They were on their 7th book at the time when I was asked to join in. After a successful interview with the founder of the company, I was in and became a co-author of a #1 Best-Selling book, which I was thrilled about.

This particular book is a collection of real-life stories from twelve female authors. It focuses on the experiences each woman has gone through in their lives. I believe everyone can relate to this – when you were at your lowest point, and how you learn to come out of that situation in a way that enriches you. We all have a breaking point to a degree – but you need to discover the greatness within yourself – and rise like a phoenix from its ashes. With the experiences that you have had, you cannot be put down by negatives feelings. It’s all about growing through experiences, I believe they are all a lesson. It’s easy to blame others, and hard to take responsibility for what you may have caused – or by not having healthy boundaries in conjunction with others.

It’s an amazing book considering all twelve stories. I highly recommend it!

What advice would you give to individuals wanting to begin their journey of becoming an entrepreneur?

Knowing what you want, and maybe turning your hobby into a profit. Turning a hobby into a business will not drive you to become materialistic and do it for the money – rather, there will be a level of integrity to serve people. No business is easy, let’s put it that way! Your journey will have its ups and downs and challenges, but never give up and be flexible to change as required to succeed.

Set yourself a deadline, and if you need to work for another year or two in your current job, work part-time on the business that you want to have. During this time, enrich yourself with experiences and learn as much as you can. Immerse yourself in a circle with other entrepreneurs of different levels, so that you can learn and develop from each other. And stay authentic to who you are! 

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