How I Discovered and Repaired my Mental Health

Penny Power OBE

“Mental health is huge topic now; I guess it makes us all wonder whether we’re normal or sub-normal”

Mental health is a huge topic now; I guess it makes us all wonder whether we’re normal or sub-normal. What a thought, to be ‘sub-normal’. When this agenda was being raised so much in the media I asked myself, “are my moments of feeling anxious, actually ‘anxiety’?, are my occasional low moods, actually ‘depression’? Am I busy, or am I clinically ‘stressed’?

My answer came through after I had a scary moment and was diagnosed with ‘Clinical exhaustion’, I hadn’t thought of that one!

The mind is the most powerful aspect of our being – you can’t escape your own thoughts, and I learned the hard way that some levels of ‘resilience’ are good and some are abusive to ourselves. I always knew I needed to look after my physical health, but I’d never thought of proactively looking after my mind.  I now know that ensuring that you’re taking care of your mental wellbeing is essential in both personal and working life. Here I’m going to talk through ways that were, and still are, invaluable to me when I overcame my ‘mental health’ issues, I wasn’t listening to my emotions and therefore emotions triggered a set of mental disorders that I needed to get hold of, I needed to ‘stop abusing’ myself mentally as both a human and an entrepreneur.

Not everyone has the same definitions of success or happiness, yet, the discussion we constantly have we ourselves is that ‘we aren’t enough’, that ‘we lack’ or that we have ‘failed to achieve’.

When that voice in the back of your head begins getting louder, you need to be applying self-care for yourself. Below are ways I dealt with that voice in my head.

– Stop comparing yourself to others.

It is hard to do, especially with social media being so popular, but the widespread ‘compare and despair’ issue of the social media world is making us all feel like we aren’t good enough. We compare our entire being to a one-dimensional image that we view as perfect. I suggest we use social media carefully and don’t be deceived by these illusions.


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