How to improve your learning potential

“Instead of wishing the environment was different, what if you could create the best learning conditions wherever you are and at any time?”

Whether you are aiming for a specific degree classification, looking to secure a graduate scheme, or are climbing up the career ladder, Giulia Remondino, Instructor at Genius in 21 Days, reveals how to improve your learning potential and succeed in any goal you set yourself!

Given the nature of what I do, I am often asked something along these lines: “Giulia, if I haven’t taken your full course yet, are there any tips you could provide in a few minutes to take my learning capabilities to the next level?”

By using the advice below, you can begin your journey to becoming a “genius” and increasing your productivity. Even just by scratching the surface by applying these two tips, you will realise just how much potential is hidden within each of us, that can be released if only we are taught how to access it. These ideas are really just the tip of the iceberg, as there are many more practical steps that you can learn on the Genius in 21 Days course.

Creating the Best Environment For Learning Quite often I find myself studying anywhere and everywhere I can; the Tube, my home, my office, and so on. It would be such a waste not to use (almost) every spare moment to learn more. I’ve always believed that when you really love what you do there is constantly some more research to study; some new discovery to learn and apply. If you also happen to run a business then this is even more true, as you need to develop many skills simultaneously to succeed, and as soon as you think you have all the competence you need, some new and more efficient technique comes out.


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Giulia Remondino

Director at Genius in 21 Days UK

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