HIgh Profile Magazine Naeem ArifSince joining High Profile Club, Naeem Arif of NA Consulting has enjoyed learning about how his media profile can be raised. Recently, Naeem has been featured in array of retail industry publications, with many more in the pipeline. “The HPC team share openly various things such as how to write content which is attractive to publications. I have seen a number of my articles get featured in my target publications which is my key objective of joining,” explains Naeem. Retail and management consultancy NA Consulting has released its new report, ‘Retail Crisis or Retail Evolution?’ The document looks at the current state of high-street retail, examining why some major brands are failing and discussing what actions could be taken to improve the industry for retailers. Through this report, NA Consulting founder Naeem Arif hopes to help businesses to evolve and develop accordingly so they can survive and succeed.

Tapoly Scoops prestigious New Award.
On-demand insurer Tapoly was named “Insurance Provider of the Year” at the British Small Business Awards 2018, which took place in October. Despite coming up against strong competition in the Insurance category from the likes of Qdos Contractor, AXA PPP healthcare and Digital Risks, the Insurance Provider of the Year category recognised Tapoly as the organisation that best addresses the needs of SMEs, with the judges considering quality of service, value for money and breadth of cover.

Women On the Web launches groundbreaking new report into female Digital literacy. Industry pioneers Women On the Web have published their new report that has uncovered the true extent of the digital literacy divide in UK business women. From the 100 business women surveyed, 86% felt like they required additional digital education and only 8% were entirely happy with their digital literacy. This cements the need for the groundbreaking work of Carol Verity Mann and Women On the Web to provide women with digital skills and confidence.

Green Element showcases new comparison tool at Web Summit.
Environmental Management Consultancy Green Element has showcased CompareYourFootprint at Web Summit, an innovative new online carbon footprint calculation service to help companies quickly reveal their carbon footprint and benchmark their performance against their industry peers. It automatically calculates the carbon emissions produced by different areas of a business’ day to day operations, including gas and electricity use, water, catering, taxis, air travel, courier services and stationery, to name a few. “Calculating your carbon footprint is the first step towards changing your business for the better,” say Will Richardson, founder of Green Element.  “Every company – no matter how small – can benefit from becoming more sustainable and we’re confident Compare Your Footprint can play a big part in making this happen.”

Ana Freccia appears on Forbes and presents exciting new talk.
Ana Freccia is the founder of YourHouseLondon and has had numerous great experiences since joining High Profile Club. In addition to being featured in several high profile magazines and newspapers, such as Forbes, she was invited to prepare a talk on her experiences working as a journalist and blogger and how other business owners can utilise media techniques to improve their knowledge in their business.

Lina takes advantage of new opportunities at High Profile Club.
Since joining High Profile Club, Lina M. Usma, Director of Extra Media 1 has been able to meet fantastic people, with great entrepreneurial experience. She explains that  “When you run your own business you spend a lot of time and energy in the business and when the time passes you realise that you have missed a lot of opportunities out there; so it’s always good to stop and try new things and listen to other people. You will learn a lot, and this is what happened to me after joining High Profile Club!”

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