Women Doing Property Investment

The Ceiling Has a Crack in it:

The Time Has Come For Women to Excel In Property Investment

“With the ceiling firmly still intact and women still fighting for equality is it no wonder some women are fighting back, but not in the way we think.”

Women are becoming more financially astute and looking at alternative ways than the typical 9-5 job. According to Glass Door, the national average earning of a senior manager is £78,000 allowing average woman between the ages 35-55 ways to become financial free.

According to a recent study conducted by property specialists SevenCapital, based in Birmingham, 1,000 people were asked what they have invested in and what they’d consider investing in. Property investment won by a landslide as 40% of people said housing would be their first investment choice if money was not an issue.

The gender split was also interesting, with 19% of men saying they have invested in property and women, beating them slightly, with 20% agreeing.

Men have mostly dominated the investment markets over the last few decades, however there has been a seismic shift in women’s school of thought by re-educating themselves into the investment arena. Over the last 10 years, the United Kingdom has seen a growth of women looking at ways to generate a healthy pension and to retire early.

Andy Foote, director of SevenCapital, said: “It’s intriguing to see what the difference is when it comes to investments and the gender splits.”


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