Positioning Yourself as An Expert in Your Field

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Positioning Yourself As An Expert In Your Field

“Lydia Amoah is an award-winning Business Coach, TV Presenter & Motivational Speaker. She helps entrepreneurs gain media exposure, attract opportunities and promote their business online and offline, to reach more people, make a bigger difference”

When placing yourself in prime position for Radio or TV interviews, it is important to know why you wish to have this opportunity. You should be sure you are passionate about your subject and are ready to share your story. Also ensure you are confident in expressing your expertise with an interviewer as well as the public. This is ultimately how to position yourself as an authority or expert in your field, as the saying goes knowledge is power.

There are a variety of ways to gain consideration for media interviews. You should research local and national radio stations and tv shows which best align with your expertise. Research what type of guests they have on their programmes and find out the format of the show including pace, style and timing. Once you have done your groundwork, start building those quality relationships with the journalists and programme producers. From my 20 years of experience, I know journalists appreciate a short and punchy pitch or press release which includes a short and engaging message clearly outlining what you can bring to the table. I always say, “if the food is appetising and tastes good the audience will eat”.

Go-getting experts usually enlist the services of a PR agency, especially those who are serious about standing out above the crowd. Another option is to invest in media training on how to position yourself as an expert in your field. You can only move forward with your brand through learning and development. If you are committed, you will see a return.


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