Success or Failure, It’s Up to You

Success of Failure- It’s up to you

“If your business is not growing or you team is not achieving your desired results then this may be the answer.”

Here is a something I learnt after leading hundreds of people for more than 20 years in impressive organisations where often greatness was achieved, but mistakes were also made: “leadership is not about me, but it starts with me”

Have you heard the concept ‘we don’t see the world as it is, but we see it, and live our lives, through the lenses we wear’?

Let me share the story of my client, Maria* who had achieved great results in business and life, and thrived to be the best in her industry. When I started coaching her, she seemed to be completely successful. She was in her early 40’s, beautiful, successful, intelligent with a great social life. However because she sought coaching, this indicated that there were areas for improvement. The first 2 sessions went beneficial but it wasn’t until the 3rd we discovered the one factor that transformed her life, both personally and in business. The conversation began with her level of exhaustion, overwhelm and inefficiency in her team. After delving into her inner thought-processes, Maria realised that gaining her father’s approval was the driving-force behind her achievements. Her tears were of surprise, anger, relief but also joy. After subsequent sessions, although she was grateful for all her achievements, Maria reconnected to her true self, changed her leadership style and this resulted in increased team productivity.

The first step to transformation is “awareness”, then comes “decision” and “action” before we can “enjoy” it.


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Lara Khalaf

Executive Coach, Leadership Trainer and Global Speaker.

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