The Reconnective Healing Practitioner On A Mission To Heal Others

Written by Katie Chan

Ten years ago, Bulgarian entrepreneur, healing practitioner and business owner Tanya Hadzhieva transformed her personal life after experiencing a significant loss. Tanya shares with us the experiences that led her to find a lifestyle and passion centred around alternative healing, holistic medicine and spirituality. From the profound impact that this brought into her life, she explains what inspires her to heal others through Reconnective Healing. A non-touch approach to energy healing, this is known to facilitate significant improvements and in all aspects of our lives, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Can you tell us about your personal experiences with Reconnective Healing? How did it help you, and what inspires you to help others? 

Tanya’s first personal encounter with Reconnective Healing came about when she was coping with the sudden loss of her grandmother in 2010. Due to the close relationship she had with her grandmother as well as struggling with depression as a result of the loss, she felt an urge to find a way to communicate with her, even though she was gone. Following this, Tanya studied in America for three years, which is where her spiritual journey began. After a friend introduced her to Eric Pearl’s book, The Reconnection: Heal Yourself and Heal Others, Tanya decided to start learning to practice and eventually became certified. By practising and helping others, Tanya was been able to see clear physical results on her patients that has been immensely rewarding. From then on, healing others has become her mission.

 “I studied astrology, human design, crystals, you name it – anything out there from a – z. But it was only when I started to study healing, that I could see how it could impact other people.”

Currently, I am partnered with biohacking company LifeVantage, a global network marketing business that promotes alternative medicines through its plant-based products. The products aim to reduce levels of oxidative stress in the cells of our body, to boost our resistance against potential health issues or illnesses. I have also started working with Endorphin, who have produced a device that works as a ‘no-pill solution’ that can be used to replace traditional medicine to heal the body. When attached to the forehead and behind the ears,  the device lets out a specific electrical current which activates the part of your brain that releases endorphins.

Interest and availability in slower, alternative methods of medicine have risen steadily over recent years. Why do you think it is important for people to be exposed to, and live closer to a holistic lifestyle? Do you think this will eventually become a mainstream choice?

Nowadays, society’s reliance on things like mass media and technology is huge; but there is no discussion or focus on what can bring us health benefits, or what health effects these things bring. It has made us very focused on the material parts of ourselves and our lives rather than anything else. That’s where I think the spiritual lifestyle should be a must before anything else. We’ve had it backwards for so long! I think it is vital that people realise that energy is the key to everything.

“We need to remember that we are all spirits having a human experience and not the other way around.”

I believe that people will eventually start looking into alternative medicine and healing traditional medicines cannot provide a cure. There is a gap in the market and the more awareness we bring, the more people will realise there are other ways they may not have been aware of before. And as with every new trend, it will take time for it to sink in and for people to begin adopting it. The key here is to keep doing what you’re doing, to put it out there. We are very highly intelligent beings and the body is capable of healing itself in many ways. That is why there are so many alternative methods out there, for example, Ayurveda, that can help you heal yourself. And if people are better educated on this, they will stop seeking outside forces as the immediate way to heal themselves.

Who do you think can benefit the most from alternative methods of healing?

The individuals I usually encounter are people are stressed who are emotionally imbalanced, either experiencing a loss of direction, heartbreak, or lacking clarity in their lives. This form of healing is all based on energy, and through this, we hope to transform anger or pain into joy or love; shifting low-frequency emotions into higher frequency emotions and letting go of the negatives. I believe this healing can help to accelerate this transformation. Once you can achieve clarity and a high level of energy, certain things, people or health issues will start to disappear from your life as they are no longer on the same wavelength as you. Instead, you begin to attract people who are more aligned with you.

People often talk about needing to, you know, keep your body in check, keeping your nutrition in check – but when was the last time you kept your energy in balance, staying high in energy? I would say 99% of people don’t do that. It has been scientifically proven that doing certain things like concentrating on your computer screen or even reading a book too much brings the brain out of balance immediately because you are focusing too hard on one thing.

What challenges have you personally faced on your journey? How did you deal with these obstacles and overcome them?

The main challenge I faced was when I moved to the UK from Bulgaria, nobody really knew about this form of alternative healing. I felt like I was bashing myself into a wall, people were very closed-minded. I found that a lot of people were very open to embracing new things. To try to overcome this, I constantly strive to educate people, either by blog posts, sharing things on my website and various social media, or just through friends and networking.

The biggest obstacle I have found with clients is that sometimes they are not ready or not willing to try, so you have to let them go. Instead, I let them come to me when they are ready. These individuals already know what they are looking for, they want to work on themselves, and therefore come to me. Unless you’re on a quest of looking and searching, actively wanting to develop, nobody else can do it for you. The ideal mission for me is to bring the power back to the people rather than being dependent on outside sources, for our health, which makes us more vulnerable. I think that the future definitely lays into educating others properly.

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