Unlock Your Personal Power

Unlock Your Personal Power

For us all to stay at the top of our game and at the forefront of our sector, it is crucial that we are balanced and in alignment”

Every day we venture into the workplace with our best foot forward. We all have our own goals, roles, and pressures within our lives however our jobs provide us with an avenue to stay ahead both personally and professionally. As entrepreneurs and pioneers in our field, we must always remain ahead of the game. Each day provides us with the chance to get ahead or the danger of falling behind, and some days are easier than others. Often, we are not aware when we are progressing or regressing personally. As an entrepreneur we need to possess a greater awareness of ourselves in all aspects of our lives. Without this vital awareness, we cannot achieve what you want out of life.

It is crucial that we are able to scrutinise ourselves to ensure that we are not being hindered by our past. Being held back by our pasts could put us at risk of losing future ground personally or professionally. For example, if we hold on to issues from our past, such as fear of attachment, and we encounter clients which trigger us, we may lose ground or give our power away: then we are in danger of regression. In turn, this reflects in our business and we may even lose credibility that cannot be recovered.

I enjoy helping fellow business people to utilise their own inner power and realign their energy fields. The clients I work with have accomplished so much yet they are not able to harness the power of their true selves. When delivering these sessions, I have noticed many people have an issue from their past that is unresolved. The issue resides in the subconscious, or energy field, of my client and is causing them to be out of alignment with their true power. However, I was able to show them how to harness their true power. With some simples tips we are all able to pinpoint the root cause of our problems and remove the blockage. This vital advice allows my clients to move forward with complete balance and control in all areas of their lives. This control is paramount in order to move forward in the workplace.

Recently, I worked with a lovely woman who was a successful executive in the financial sector. Each time she had a job review at work she suffered from fear and anxiety. Her good friend referred her to me as she knew I could help her resolve this. After only two sessions we were able to completely resolve the issue. Growing up she had always had a fear of her step mother, who would control her. This fear was present throughout her adolescence and carried over into her working life. She avoided resolving the issue and went into the same mindset with her supervisors and authority figures. She returned to tell me that she went to her job review with excitement. By harnessing her inner power she not only did well, but got a promotion opportunity.

I had another client who kept repeating the same negative life pattern of rejecting success, even though this was what they deeply wanted in all areas of their life. We worked on unravelling this core pattern together and to her surprise she had created this block within herself. By removing this block, she was able to successfully open up her own business which created endless opportunities.


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