Skylar Green Announces the Release of Well-Being Guide

Written by Katie Chan

Owner of wellbeing clinic Natural Healing Wellbeing Centre in London, alternative healing practitioner Skylar Eva Green strives to guide individuals to enhance their emotional well-being, manage pain and stress, and maintain balance in their daily lives.

Skylar is a qualified teacher and Master of Reiki Healing and is certified in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). She specializes mainly in Reiki Healing and is passionate about sharing her knowledge to heal others.

Earlier this year, Skylar wrote and published a well-being guide, The Human: Mind and Soul, A Practical Well-Being Guide For A Healthier and Happier Life. Focusing on the relationship between one’s mind and body, the book provides insightful information, tips and tools to help people improve their overall well-being based on natural principles. The guide features an array of topics like pain management, meditation, herbs, faster recovery, essential oils and law of attraction.

Before we talk about your recently released well-being guide, tell us a little about you! What have you currently been doing?

So during this strange situation that we are all experiencing, under lockdown, I’ve had the opportunity to reflect on my life and introspect deeply. There’s that phrase,

If you can’t go outside, go inside. 

And this has kind of been my focus. I’m spending more time exploring new hobbies and interests – with the most recent discovery is finding out that I enjoy listening to rock and roll music!

I have also utilised my time to meditate; I practice mantra meditation. I have also started studying Herbalism; which I’ve found so interesting, as I am fascinated by natural medicine. For instance, did you know that chewing a Yarrow leaf can help to relieve toothaches, and chewing fennel seeds can aid weight loss as they suppress our appetites! A whole variety of herbs can help to treat specific issues, that have been listed in my book.

You mention on your website that before embarking on your searching journey, you faced challenges during early parts of your life. Can you share with us the transformational moment you experienced – how your life has changed since then?

I didn’t have an easy upbringing. I grew up in Poland, and at an early age, I got involved with illicit drugs and alcohol. Every minute of my existence felt like a big struggle. When I came to the UK, I was about 16 years old. These struggles continued for a little longer because all of a sudden I was in a foreign country – not knowing the language, without any friends. I started to come across hypnotherapy and meditation. I remember one day, I was meditating and I just thought – enough is enough! Why was I constantly making myself a victim of this life?

I had to get out of this ocean of misery.

This was when I realised, how easy it is to change your attitude and energy to a lighter, more positive outlook – which shifts everything. This marked the beginning of my meditation journey. I decided to join hypnotherapy, NLP and self-development courses to gain more skills and understand how to deal with stress and anxieties. I then came across Reiki healing, and became a Master and teacher – I teach people how they can heal themselves and others. By utilising all the skills I learned, I became a better version of myself with a clearer purpose and vision.

Meditation has played a huge part in this. When you sit and silence your mind, no external thoughts are coming in, and you can focus solely on breathing – that’s it. This all you need to do. Things will begin to come to your awareness. There’s something that happens when you deeply tune into yourself – you somehow receive answers to guide you through. NLP has also helped me personally, in learning how to manage your emotional states – which is also included in my book.


What was your inspiration behind deciding to create this well-bring guide?

Mainly, it stemmed from wanting to share my knowledge with people to help them live healthier lives. I am aware that there are a lot of people who are suffering, mentally, as well as physically.

This book will benefit those who suffer from stress, anxiety, fears and emotional instability. They might feel lost or are dealing with unanswered questions and don’t know where to turn to. It will also aid people suffering from chronic pain, as there are tips on pain management too.

Besides this, I enjoy serving people – I thought it would be something useful that I could contribute, to sharing useful tips and exercises they could use. I believe people need to have a range of tools in their toolboxes to deal with different life experiences. It’s not necessarily taught to us in schools – and life is not just an easy journey. The more tools you have, the more you will learn and be able to navigate through.

Particularly during this time where we are spending more time at home, less time outdoors and less time interacting with others – how important do you think it is for us to direct more attention on living a more balanced lifestyle?

It’s crucial! Focusing our energy on mental, spiritual and physical well-being is key right now. If we don’t learn how to manage our emotional stability, negative energies will form and manifest into our lives physically sooner or later. Our mind and body are connected and what goes on in your mind will be reflected in your body; this is very well medically documented. For instance, suffering from prolonged stress can manifest as a weakened immune system or headaches.

There is a saying, what you focus on will expand, and this is so true. If you emphasize well-being, health and happiness, this will expand. It also works the other way around. It’s up to us to make the choice.

What is the one key message that you would like readers to take away from your guide?

The main takeaway I would like readers to have from this guide is to recognise the potential to become a better version of themselves, and to equip readers with more tools that they can use. This is the reason why I wrote this well-being guide. I was a completely different person back then, and these tools helped me to do the same. I will say that I’m not there yet – but I am continuing to grow.

Do you have plans to release more books?

As previously mentioned, I am currently studying Herbalism – I would like to work towards becoming a qualified doctor. My nest project is to write a book in the form of herbal prescriptions, which explains varieties of herbs, what particular health issues they can to treat, and how to make infusions of them. It will be a health prescription book but using natural herbal remedies.


The Human: Mind and Soul, A Practical Well-Being Guide For A Healthier and Happier Life is available on Amazon – get your copy here.

To find out more information about Skylar, click here for her website. 


Skylar Eva Green is an owner of Natural Healing which specialises in Reiki Healing , Teaching and Wellbeing. Skylar Eva is an author of a wellbeing guide “ The Human : Mind and Soul “ with years of experience in healing. Miss Green possesses a professional and accredited qualifications in Reiki Healing and Clinical Hypnotherapy.

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