Successful Networking

Successful Networking: It’s About Who You Know

“To be more visible, more credible and more influential is every small business owner’s dream. However, trying to establish links with the right people is like trying to climb Everest without a guide.”

I launched into my own business very late in life, because as a criminal psychologist, speaker, trainer and author I had always kept the security of employment. However, this thought would not cease, so finally I took the leap on the 13th April, 2017 launching Successful Mindset Ltd.

The plan for the first year was to establish all the platforms and ensure the book was written. It was very isolating work, but it lead to the plan for our 2nd year which consisted of PR and marketing. Like many I attended networking events and spoke at conferences to build connections whilst the online business was developing, but which direction to go? Everyone I spoke to wanted to send me in various directions. I waited, and in March I got a referral to Rafael dos Santos, entrepreneur extraordinaire. I was not aware of Rafael and his achievements at that moment, but after research I soon realised the enormity of this opportunity.


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Linda Sage MA, BA Ed (Hons), DTM



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