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Chris Madeley has always enjoyed words, books and writing for as long as she can remember.  Having been brought up in a family which did not possess a television, she was well used to making her own entertainment and with a very fertile imagination and a preference for her own company, she immersed herself in the world of make-believe and fantasy. After a career break to have her family, Chris went back to work part-time and after training changed disciplines to work as an Independent Financial Adviser.  It was during this time that she received the inspiration for writing the Cones. Here, we find out more about how Chris turned her everyday life experiences into an innovative new series of children’s books.

You have worked for major organisations and trained as a financial advisor, what made you change career and begin to write children’s books?

I started writing the Cones series as a distraction from the frustrations incurred travelling along the M1 during roadworks, queueing through lines of traffic cones thus turning this negative into a positive! It wasn’t until many years later that I started seriously developing the series.

You’ve written 10 children’s books and you are working on your 11th where do you find your inspiration for your children’s books?

The first book in the series explores how and why the Cones came to life and the creation of their “guardians” aka Police Car, Wise Owl and New Moon. The Cones’ characteristics reflect observations of children and grown-ups, so they can realistically interact with each other as humans do.  Inspiration comes from life around us, the dangers, fun, moral and ethical lessons we all need to learn. I work with corporate Britain to find out how they interact with our environment and to help children to learn safety, environmental and ecological lessons from many industries as they impact on our everyday lives. 


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