What is Digital Literacy

What is Digital Literacy?

The term “Digital Literacy” is thrown around a lot in today’s business lingo. But what does it mean and is it important?

It is probably fair to say that the term “Digital Literacy” can mean different things to different people. Here at Women On The Web we use the term “digital literacy” to refer to the amount of understanding and knowledge an individual may have in all things relating to running and marketing their business in the digital world. For startups and established businesses alike, possessing a high level of digital literacy is important to marketing a business successfully. If a business does not possess a clear and coherent strategy, they risk losing customers.

Digital Skills vs Technology Skills

Digital literacy, at a fundamental level, refers to two sets of skills; technological and digital. Again, a true definition of these terms is not readily available, but here is our version:

Technology skills: These include knowledge and skills in setting up equipment (computers, printers, scanners, phones etc.). Also, installing software, programming skills and network skills (WiFi, LAN etc.) to name but a few.

Digital skills: These include the knowledge, skills and behaviours used when conducting or organising business online. Digital skills are essential when using digital devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones etc.


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Carol Manning, founder of Women on the Web


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