The New Normal = Fear + Mental Wellbeing. How to navigate your life productively.

Our vocabularies have quickly changed without warning and on the lips of everyone literally is the coronavirus being spoken.  The current global climate has created extreme challenges impacting many lives in such ways that none could have foreseen. As a result, this unprecedented and particularly peculiar time of COVID-19 (not long after we rung 2020 in with great jubilation) have had subsequent measures stipulated to reduce the widespread cases of contracting the virus have changes our lives

In a time of upheaval and anxiety, our ears ring many buzz words that would normally be ignored…quarantine, social distancing, self-isolation, home schooling, pandemic, hand sanitizer, stand 6 feet away, flatten the curve, lockdown and even toilet paper scarcity riddles our thought process.

There is so much uncertainty at the moment as the coronavirus continues to create havoc on our finances, relationships, health care systems, businesses and the economy around the World. With the increasing daily statistics of the rising counts of cases and the constant stream of information have not only fuel our collective anxieties but simultaneously showing compassion through random acts of kindness towards others. No matter your circumstances it is important to channel ourselves and mental wellbeing during such enormously stressful time. Adjusting to this new normal will not be as easy as ABC however we must be forthright in finding new ways to stay well and promoting a healthy environment for ourselves and families.

The current global climate that directly affected our resilience levels to either to sink or swim which potentially can be damaging in the long run. Nevertheless, there are many options that can positively turn this crisis around in our favour. Like many, my sense of resilience becomes increasingly frayed as I am consumed by the rapid spread of the virus. How in such short space of time my world was swayed, shaken and the journey of an emotional rollercoaster life suddenly began? The driver seat is yours to steer, do so in the right direction to limit the knock on effect of stressors that will cause pressures on your accustomed daily habits.

Here are 5 tips to prioritise your wellbeing during this time.

Having made rapid and gigantic changes to our lives over the last few weeks, we are attempting to be open minded  and conscious to limit anxiety, fear and worry throughout these difficult times.

Now, with all of the uncertainty, distress and questions ranging from loss of jobs, financial implications to personal welfare we need each other more than ever. 

Practice these tips to give inspiration and support during the months or years to come.

Eat well and sleep well.

It has proven that exercise, food and sleep can impact one’s being to becoming a healthier and clear thinking individual. Healthy eating maintains a balanced diet which contains a consumption of different food groups. Eating a healthy, provides nutrients to the body giving nutrients that keeps your energy levels up with brain power that is active with muscles groups working. Similarly a good night’s sleep is supposed to have you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. Sleeping well directly affects your mental and physical health. Falling short on sleep can take a serious toll on your energy and emotional balance.


Relationships are key

Especially now more than ever developing strong relationship bonds will help weather any storm. Keeping in touch and having an individuals for a sounding board is priority for conversations surrounding challenges and been there for each other during these difficult times as well as the good. Building that trust will seal the deal with these experiences to serve you for the better during this tumultuous time.


Ask yourself, what’s the kindest thing I can do for myself right now? Accept the things you cannot change as unfortunately we cannot flick a switch or wave a magic wand to stop current global crisis today. Acknowledge that you are in a less-than-ideal normal circumstances however every attempt must be made to be kind to yourself. Practice mindfulness to self-soothe  whenever life delivers us a blow for which we will need to regain our balance.

Be intentional 

Everyone is unique, so there is not a one-size-fits-all. Reach out to and work with individuals to determine the ideal frequency and method of communicating going forward. Do you feel like you are just going through the motions and not really headed anywhere? Feeling stuck on autopilot and overwhelm? Given the current stress level, what makes the most sense? Map out the logistics from your new normal, focus on reinforcing your interactions and expectations. Ultimately, this will change as a result of this pandemic communicating your intentions to thrive and pivot as necessary.

Redirect your attention

Your thoughts will be swirling around in your mind and you can funnel such by journaling and meditation. It could be an escape route to take your mind off all the news and negativity in a quest to keep your vibes high. You can redirect: 

  1. Your energy
  2. Your conversation
  3. Your focus
  4. Your physiology
  5. Your priorities

As Humans, half of our waking hours are spent thinking about something other than what they’re actually doing in the present. It’s very easy to get swept up in our thoughts and sometimes it’s kind of addictive therefore having clarity returns and you re-engage with initial intentions will begin to redirect your attention. Life at times, gives us lemons, loads of it; therefore in addition to making the lemonade, breathe, stop, look, listen and ask yourself what it is you actually desire and direct your attention towards that answer.

Always remember, where there are challenges, there are opportunities whilst many are uncertain about the future, it is time to pivot both personally and professionally.



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