The six ‘natural doctors’ you need for optimal personal health!

“Your health is a personal responsibility! – this is the motto of our family”

There are six natural doctors in the world – sun,  water, air, exercise, rest and good, natural food. Here, I explore one of these wonderful doctors – water – and how my choices over how and what kind of water I consumed had a positive effect on my wellbeing and even led me to discover an exciting new career!

Optimal health has always been of interest to me and this grew further after I experienced personal tragedy. After a short illness I lost my father-in-law to cancer. My father also had cancer 3 years ago, although thankfully he is in remission. In addition to this, I was overweight. The instances of ill-health around me spurred me to realise that I needed to change some bad habits in my life and the first and major step was the water.

After being introduced to Kangen Water®, I lost weight, challenged myself and participated in Tough Mudder. In May this year I did a half marathon and have taken up swimming, running and cycling. All of this because of water? Yes! Focusing on improving the quality of the water I consumed (Kangen Water® has unique antioxidant, alkaline and micro cluster properties) and how much I was drinking each day, gave me a massive energy boost, along with a quicker recovery after physical activities.

Water really is the most important substance in the world, considering that our bodies contain up to 75% water. Water carries nutrients to the cells, helps with digestion, flushes out toxins, helps prevent headache and fatigue, and staying well hydrated, even aid weight loss or maintenance. But, all water is not equal, which is why it is important to undertake further research into the properties of various different waters to determine which will have the best overall impact on quality of life.

The motto “Health Before Wealth” is so important these days, with so many people neglecting their health in pursuit of career or business success. Through being introduced to Kangen Water® and my work with Enagic, I have been fortunate to realise the importance of true physical health through pure and healthy drinking water, true mental health through personal growth, as well as finding contentment in all aspects of life. 


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Doncho Donchev
Global Independent Distributor

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