Top tips when embarking on a new building project

“We have noticed that a recurring issue for clients is a lack of trust and belief they will have a successful outcome”

Delivering commercial projects is a very delicate process, with a large emphasis on compliance due to licencing and planning permission. Adding further complexity, each council has a different requirement and procedure to follow, as do the various housing associations in London and Greater London where, again, complying with building legislation and public interest rules.

Having been carpenters and builders in the UK since 2004, we have delivered complex projects from scratch, such as the Sports Café in Piccadilly, next door to the Phantom of The Opera. This is in addition to an expansion chain project which involved 6 different locations in the UK; Bristol, Newcastle, Liverpool, Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester.

Over the 14 years we have been trading in the UK, we have noticed that a recurring issue for clients is a lack of trust and belief they will have a successful outcome. On numerous occasions, we have been hired to fix other people’s mistakes or bad service.

What To Expect

Often people will put off, or even abandon entirely, refurbishing a room or building a house out of fear it will be a frustrating and expensive process where the outcome doesn’t end up being what was originally desired. The best firms will provide you with information before the project starts and keep you updated during the process. This provides you with the confidence that things are going well and you may even return for later projects.

Clients know what they would like the outcome to be, but do not know how to get there. It is not just about the end results- the materials and processes used all add to the quality of the outcome and the length of time the job takes is important too. Safety is a crucial aspect, but the building should also be built to last. These are all factors that will add to the final cost and length of a job.

The best firms will also guarantee a client’s money is spent wisely and will avoid project costs spiralling out of control.

Building Contractor Checklist

When considering a suitable building contractor for your project, this checklist of do’s and don’ts may come in handy:


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