Revolutionising The Adult Soft Drink Industry

Revolutionising the Adult Soft Drink Industry

“As I’ve got older I’ve realised that long term health matters even more than hangover avoidance”

Hilary Marsh is the innovative founder of Genius Drinks and elegant non-alcoholic adult soft drink Botonique. From the confines of her kitchen to a national brand, Botonique is now a key player as it provides a wine alternative containing less than one sixth of the calories of wine per bottle. The Botonique range includes the classic Crisp Dry White, the recently launched Botonique Blush and several more variations currently in production. Here Hilary reveals how she successfully transitioned from an experienced restaurateur to entrepreneur.

I have had an eclectic and varied career to date. Previously I was a director of a venture capital company specialising in startups from ages 27 to 32, so the inspiration to be an entrepreneur came mainly from those formative years helping others start their own businesses. Since then I’ve been involved with several businesses as an entrepreneur – including a software company, an electric motorbike company, a Covent Garden restaurant and wine bar, and a Jazz/Blues record label.

The inspiration for founding Genius Drinks was that I had a product which I had developed for my own benefit, had been sharing with my friends to good effect, and thought I should share with the rest of the world. That something was the nutrient formula now known as Preixir®, which I had researched and developed to enable me to party without hangovers. As I’ve got older I’ve realised that long term health matters even more than hangover avoidance, so I wanted the drink to be something than could also be an alternative to alcohol, or a pacer drink, to help me and others like me to drink less alcohol, still have a great time, and stay on top form. Once I’ve reached my happy point after drinking wine, I like to switch to Botonique, which means I wake up feeling great and am looking after my long term health too.

Many people love wine but have found they can’t drink like they used to- there’s a big wine-shaped hole in their daily routine. They are mainly women 35 to 65. Some men too, but women tend to struggle more with alcohol, and really appreciate the additional health benefits that Botonique can provide them with. Not only does Botonique have just 12 calories per glass but it also helps to replace the nutrients that alcohol depletes, so they don’t suffer so much when they do drink wine. Wine does not have to be completely avoided but by including Botonique alongside it, that guilty voice can be silenced.


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Hilary Marsh

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