Helping Individuals Achieve a Healthier Physical and Mental Lifestyle

Owner of AWProFitness, Angela Popa Wilson offers a variety of coaching to clients of all abilities and ages who want to change their lifestyles healthily. Skilled in performance coaching, personal training, tennis coaching and a qualified NLP Practitioner, Angela enjoys helping her clients achieve and maintain a healthier performance in physical and mental strength, where they all develop and grow together.

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Harnessing the Power of Meditation to Enhance the Lives of Others

Following a personal experience that significantly changed his life, Adam Baldwin left the corporate world to explore his deep-rooted fascination for meditation. Now a qualified Transcendental Meditation Teacher, Vedic Meditation Teacher and Reiki Master, Adam uses his knowledge to assist others in increasing focus and concentration, reducing stress and achieving inner peace in their lives.

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Former Sportswoman shares parallels from Sporting Career to Running a Business

It’s safe to say that entrepreneur, former sportswoman, successful business owner and international speaker Tineke Rensen isn’t short of accomplishments. With over 30 years of entrepreneurial experience, the founder of coaching business Powerful Business Academy currently works exclusively with businesswomen to help scale up their businesses.

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