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Our dynamic duo Mayooran Senthilmani and his wife Labosshy Mayooran are partners both personally and professionally. Mayooran is a Group Finance Director for a London firm where he manages £70 Million turnover businesses with over  1000 employees, while Labosshy is a Research Analyst by profession with experience in clinical research. Together, the couple founded the highly acclaimed DVG STAR Ltd. Here we find out what has driven these inspiring individuals towards success and how they expertly balance business and their family life.

Mayooran, you have a solid background in finance and Labosshy, yours in biomedical sciences. How did your childhood or previous experiences help you become involved in this industry?

Mayooran – I started my career at KPMG in 2006 where I had the opportunity to get the exposure in several industries. Currently I oversee ten different businesses. By working very closely with the CEO from an early stage, I was given the chance to involve myself in all business functions and participate in the decision making process. I have always been willing to learn and develop myself; I have actively involved myself in building the company to reach seven and eight figure turnovers by facing and overcoming various challenges.

There have been times when tough decisions had to be made and I had to take the correct action. Having been through so many situations where I had to push myself to my limits, I feel that I have built myself to be more adaptable to change, able to cope in tough situations and able to come up with solutions. All these opportunities have allowed me to learn valuable skills that I could apply in any industry.

Labosshy – Having a solid foundation in terms of education [MRes at Imperial College London and BSc at Queen Mary’s University of London] has definitely helped. Throughout my childhood my parents always got me involved in various extra-curricular activities such as Bharatanatiyam [South-Indian classical dancing], Veena [South-Indian instrument] and even sports such as netball. In my school days I always kept myself busy with activities such as the Duke of Edinburgh Expedition and by joining the Combined Cadet Force, all of which taught me the organisational and practical skills I enforce in my everyday life today. During my sixth form years I became involved in the Young Enterprise scheme in which we as a group started up our own business from scratch. We sold handmade crafts in malls and fairs, and were taught the ins and outs of starting a business and the finance involved. I took on the role of Operations Director and I’m sure all the skills I gained from the project definitely helped me to build my skills as an entrepreneur.

Your list of achievements is impressive and surely inspirational, but what is one failure you had as an entrepreneur, and how did you overcome it?

Labosshy – To keep on succeeding we all face failures in life. As an entrepreneur, one of the lessons I have learnt is that not everyone will relate to you. Rather than taking it as a failure to understand the human brain I have learnt to adapt to situations and to relate more with the wants and needs of our clients. Sometimes the things we provide may not necessarily be for them so we need to customise our packages for each individual.

Mayooran – As an entrepreneur, I don’t see anything as a failure. I take it as a challenge and an opportunity to come up with better solutions. That’s how we started – to help other people to publish their book first as a hobby, then as a business, then online courses, then business events and seminars and so on. We also got the great privilege of helping more than 10 kids to publish their own books through our DVG STAR foundation. We are currently working on several more business ideas.                  


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