Small Business Success

The Description of The Event:

Discover strategies that create your business More Leads, More Conversions & More Productivity!

Learn how to implement the Lifecycle Marketing Framework that 30,000 businesses use to succeed every day.

Discover how to provide your audience with the kind of communications and experiences they need, want, or like as they move from prospects to customers then, ideally, to advocates. We call this the Small Business Success Method

By the end of the workshop you will leave knowing how:

  • Lifecycle marketing gives you the opportunity to communicate with your customers like never before.
  • To have control of your sales and marketing through a sustainable approach to lead generation
  • To understand your Target Market
  • To identify and leverage your Unique Selling Proposition
  • To understand your 2 biggest areas of opportunity (Lost Revenue/Time Savings)        
  • Increase profitability by keeping happy clients for longer

In 4 hours the workshop promises to be a full programme focusing on the Lifecycle Marketing Framework and how it transforms not just your sales and marketing processes but how you think about your customers too.
Jump Digital Transformation is Infusionsoft Certified Partners. We are on a mission to show you HOW TO FIND NEW CUSTOMERS EVERYDAY in your business.

If you are seeking more sales, then you are in the right place. If you need more conversions, then we have the answer to your conversion challenges. Lastly, if you seek more products that will make your business grow, then we can help you with that too.

The Hosts:

Terry Carney

Digital Sales Director

Specialising in Inbound Marketing to drive more sales for clients. Terry uses a strategic mix of Social Media Marketing, Email, SEO, PPC and Websites to drive sales. Terry Carney is also a known speaker and trainer about Inbound Marketing and business development.

James Cook

Director of Digital Marketing

James Cook James, an Infusionsoft Certified Partner, helps improve and shape the perfect customer journey to increase lead generation, improve your customer experience and develop a fan base of customers that buy from you again and again.

Rafael Dos Santos

Founder and CEO of High Profile Club

Rafael is a Brazilian multi-award winning entrepreneur living in London for 16 years now. Rafael is an advocate for migrant entrepreneurs and an international public speaker. Rafael is the founder of HIGH PROFILE CLUB and HIGH PROFILE MAGAZINE.

We don’t currently have any video testimonials for the BSM event but would look to be getting some at our next lot of events.

 Jumpst and HIGH PROFILE CLUB are partners to deliver Infusionsoft solutions to small businesses. 

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