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Lifestyle influencer and world-renowned celebrity hairstylist Dionne Smith is seeking brand ....

Dionne has over 20k followers, and her engaged audience is made up of women over 35 years old. Lifestyle - namely fashion, beauty, food and travel - is Dionne’s speciality. She is looking for brand collaborations (both gifted and paid opportunities), which are relevant to both her specialist topics and her loyal audience.

‘Travelling the world with my work over the years and meeting people across the industry has really confirmed that there isn’t much representation for women who look like me,’ Dionne says. ‘So after years behind the camera, I’ve decided to step in front of it and the reaction has been brilliant.’

As an award-winning hairstylist documenting her celebrity clientele, global brand work and expert opinion, Dionne has amassed a following dedicated to her lifestyle and personality over the years. This has led her to become a content creator with a successful, engaging platform.

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