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Luxury villa rental company The Thinking Traveller launches ‘The Thoughtful Traveller Day’

August 12th marks annual celebration to support local communities abroad post-pandemic

Award-winning villa rental company The Thinking Traveller has launched ‘The Thoughtful Traveller Day’ on August 12th to encourage travellers to leave a review to support the amazing small restaurants, cafés, shops and markets they have visited on holiday. The purpose of the day is to highlight the importance of these reviews, especially following the travel industry losing a staggering 1.78 trillion Euros due to the pandemic.

The Thinking Traveller also commissioned a survey to find out how likely UK travellers are to leave a review for a small business abroad, to discover the cities that are the most supportive and reveal how reviews influence where you spend your money while on holiday.

You can see some of the key findings from the survey below:

- People in Cardiff are the most likely to leave reviews for small businesses with 52% claiming to have left a review for one while being on holiday

- 25-34-year-olds are the most likely to give online feedback

- Newcastle residents are least likely to leave a review for small businesses or recommend a restaurant or other small businesses to a friend or family after being abroad

- 45% of the UK said they were unsure whether they would leave a positive review for businesses abroad, despite knowing they would need the support after the pandemic

- A quarter of holidaymakers stated that they couldn’t be bothered to leave a positive review, despite having a good experience

- Travellers from Brighton are most likely to leave a good review after visiting a small business abroad

- Plymouth seem to have the fussiest residents, with 79% of people claiming they are most likely to leave a bad review

- London residents are the most likely to visit a business or cancel plans to visit one after reading online reviews

- UK tourists need to read between 4 and 10 positive reviews before visiting a small business abroad

- Two in five UK adults would not commit to visiting a foreign restaurant or tourist attraction without reading an online review first

To mark the launch of the very first Thoughtful Traveller Day, The Thinking Traveller is also launching a secret Facebook group for its clients.

Access to this group will allow users to get exclusive access to benefits that other clients won’t, such as first access to new villas, last-minute availability offerings and more. The group will only be accepting 100 members every year and the only way people can get access is to prove that they have left a review for a small business abroad by telling The Thinking Traveller what platform and business they supported. The applications can be submitted here.

Antoine Levy, Sales & Marketing Director, at The Thinking Traveller, said:

‘’It’s a well known fact that the travel industry has been and still remains one of the most affected by the pandemic. There are lots of tourism-dependent countries for which support is imperative to their economies. Knowing how crucial positive user-generated reviews are to small businesses, we wanted to play our part in helping the tourism sector to recover and encourage UK travellers to think about supporting small businesses abroad.’’

About the Thinking Traveller

The Thinking Traveller offers exclusive access to the most exceptional villas and the most extraordinary experiences in the heart of the Mediterranean. Renowned also for the unrivalled local knowledge and the thoughtful, personalised service of its expert team, on seven separate occasions, including every year between 2016 and 2021, the company has been voted Best Villa Rental Company in the World by readers of Condé Nast Traveller.

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