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Protect your hair from the damaging effects of sun and sea!

Meet your new BFF - this amazing hair conditioning spray. At just £7.50 it's super affordable.

Conditioning Spray with Organic Oblepikha Hydrolate, 125 ml


{A nourishing and repairing conditioning spray, much loved by beauty and make-up artists! It gives your hair protection against the sun as well as helping to keep it in great condition.}

Marigold, wild mint and wood sorrow revitalize scalp and nourish hair roots, while vitamins and amino-acids nourish and repair hair. Sea-buckthorn oil, Moroccan argan oil and oil of white Siberian flaxseed help produce keratin, which leaves hair strong and shiny.

And it's certified vegan!

Also available at Holland and Barrett, Feel Unique and Amazon.


Harness the power of nature with Natura Siberica, a European-owned brand, based, manufactured in and distributed from Tallinn, Estonia.

Discover our extensive range of highly targeted, head-to-toe beauty products made with powerful wildflowers and herbs sourced from the wildest areas of remote tundra. All our ingredients are sustainably grown and harvested, by working in harmony with nature on our own organic farms.

We are proud to display our vegan, organic and natural certification, whilst promising we are, and always will be, a cruelty-free brand. We are committed to protecting the planet by using the most environmentally friendly, recyclable packaging.

We are excited to share this fabulous, dynamic euro-beauty brand with you!

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